Meet the industry’s newest episodic writer, Ms. Mykal Monroe


A while back I asked what I should make a movie about…

That desire and energy to do a film has turned into creating a series. Of late, I have been putting a lot of time and focus on writing an comedic series about two girls slated to star myself and a really good friend of mine, Carra Patterson. I am now in the process of formulating a script proper from the random scenes I have written in my daily early morning writing sessions.

In preparation for creating this project, I have been watching and re-watching many pilot episodes of both television and web series. The top on my list these days are ABG and Girls. A few months ago I discovered a web series entitled 12 Steps to Recovery which really piqued my interest. The protagonist a quite a cutie might I add! And just last week I watched the entire season of Veep in two days. I love that show!

At any rate, I’d love to hear what shows are on you guys’ playlists. Any suggestions? I’m a comedy gal so you get extra brownie points if you can put me onto a really good comedy show I haven’t discovered yet. Do not limit yourself to contemporary stuff. I want to hear about it all.


What do you think these directors said when asked to defend their choices of all white casts???


So I stumbled upon an interesting discussion of notable directors (all male, all but one white) and something very interesting occurred. SILENCE. See for yourself exactly what I am talking about.

You catch a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, what response would you expect to hear? Silence? Well these men got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and all but one had nothing to say.

So white directors can deny people of color roles, or cast only white actors (glass half empty, glass half full. whatever.) but when asked to defend that artistic choice we are simply left to hear the crickets chirping in the background? Okay???

Thank god for Issa Rae and others like her. Given the fact that we have an industry heavily populated by these men and others who think like them, it is great that there are women and men who are taking it upon themselves to more accurately represent the society we live in.

Check out the second season of Awkward Black Girl coming soon! I am so excited for the new episodes. I just can't contain myself…

-Mykal Monroe

The Trailer Isn’t Out Yet. Ugh.


I’m interested to see the trailer for Lee’s latest feature Red Hook Summer but it has yet to be released.

Nate Parker is in it.

Need I explain any further why I am itching to see the trailer? I didn’t think so.

Check out the website in the meantime and get excited about this film so when it’s released you’ll get off your butt and support it.

‘K, Bye.


Acting is the weirdest thing ever


So yesterday I filmed an audition to send to the folks over at FESTA for their summer production of Romeo and Juliet in Florence, Italy and let me tell ya…

Acting is the weirdest thing ever. I have been studying this strange thing I was born to do for the past two years and have one more year left. I practice my craft every day but yesterday was interesting. Yesterday was the first time that I have had a difficult time shaking the emotions I experienced in my work once I snapped back to “reality,” whatever that is… Any way. It took a bagillion takes for me to get the “right” take to send off and I was just getting frustrated. I was frustrated that I made the idiotic decision to select the most emotional moment in the play to do my monologue from. What was I thinking? I was having a difficult time in my rehearsals of it and I just couldn’t emotionally connect to the work. I thought of every sad thing in the world in an attempt to get me to the place I needed to be at to start the monologue and nothing was working.


A classic Brittany Denyse meltdown was all it took to for me to get a take I was content with sending off.

The person who filmed for me (God bless her) was so patient with me and continuously encouraged me to try new things. Finally she suggested that I do the monologue really big and crazy with no concern with being good. I did that and it was the WORST rendition of Juliet in the history of existence. UGH! It was just bad. It was so bad that I finally broke down and cried like the baby I am at how horrible of an actor I am. Mind you the camera was still rolling. (Yes I have footage of this. No I will not show anyone!) Then it hit me! I needed to begin from that place. I began the monologue and finally was emotionally connected… to something. How much I suck at this!

Anyway, I finished filming and left to go to a friend’s gathering. I thought I would be able to relax and enjoy myself but it took sooooooooooo long for me to finally be in Mykal world, not crazy Juliet-actor-filming-I suck-world. It made me crazy. It made me wonder, what in the world is acting? And why would any person in his or her right mind choose to do something as crazy as becoming someone else over and over again?

A person in his or her right mind wouldn’t do it. Only crazy people do. Actors are crazy. We really are just plain ol’ crazy. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


-Mykal Monroe

** I went ahead and decided to expose myself in as much as I have in the above text. You can see the aforementioned meltdown here: