Van Halen / Kool and the Gang Tour 2012

Van Halen at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. 4/20/12

Growing up i’ve seen some legendary artists and bands in concert. I’ve always wanted to see Van Halen,  but never got around to seeing them, in part because I wasn’t old enough. However, when I was old enough the lead singer, David Lee Roth quit. They replaced him with Sammy Hagar, whom I like as a solo artist yet never was a fan of him as lead singer for Van Halen. I’m old school in that way where I way prefer to see original members in a band. Well, when I found out they got Diamond Dave back I jumped, pun intended, at the opportunity to see them live!

The opening act was Kool and the Gang. Not your typical opener for a hard rock band, but I loved the choice! I’ve always been a fan of those guys. They set the tone and got the crowd of 30,000 fans “dancing the night away.” Pun intended again. The only thing that I would have preferred would be if they’re former lead singer, James J.T. Taylor were still in the band. They still played all their hits! They ended their set with “Celebration.” Amazing show!

Then Van Halen walks on stage with all the confidence that accompanies a great rock band! They looked and sounded great! Eddie Van Halen showed why he is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. I was surprised that he used as many effects on his guitar. But he used them with style and finesse. And Diamond Dave’s voice was surprisingly strong as if it were still 1984. He even did a couple of his signature splits.  Very inspiring performance! Concerts like these are priceless!

The ruins of El Tajin & The Pyramid of the Niches.


On Tuesday March 20, 2012 we had the honor to perform in El Tajin, Veracruz, Mexico at the Cumbre Tajin Festival, which occurs each March.

After sound check we visited the ancient pyramids. Most of which were still covered by trees and grass. Though the ones that we could see were astonishing!

The people of Veracruz are very passionate about their music! Singing along with us as we played made us feel very welcome!

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Kellindo Test Post

Good afternoon Droids,

Today I want to talk about juicing fruits and veggies! Did you know that one pint or more of fresh juice a day will will improve your overall quality of life? According to Jay Kordich, otherwise known as “the Juiceman,” juicing fresh carrots and apples cured him of cancer when he was in his thirties. Now at 88 years young, the Juiceman is still living a healthy and productive life, spreading the word of the benefits of juicing. In Mr. Kordich’s words, “the abundance of live, uncooked foods flushes your body of toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and relaxed all at the same time.” I am a true believer of this! Here at Wondaland we enjoy the benefits of juicing and hope that we can inspire you to juice as well!

Peace and love,