Kellindo Parker

Kellindo Parker

NEWSFLASH: According to the Daily Horos, Kellindo Parker has eloped and married Vix Pisa, a beautiful bodacious Class III alien. Although Kellindo had previously flaunted his libidinous activities with countless buxom elves, clones and androids, this latest news is jawdropping, and for his many female fans, heartbreaking, to say the least. Perhaps it’s only a rumor…

AKA: Kelsy Parkington (Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York, 1759-1803); Bodido (2008-2020); Kyle Sky (the infamous Rock God 2300-2659); Kellindo the Electric Priest (Metropolis, 2719)

Word on the Street: Kellindo Parker is a vampire. Some even claim he is building a large harem of beautiful women that he is holding hostage in his Metropolis castle, women that he has plucked from various historic eras such as ancient Egypt, the antebellum South, and beyond. According to the Time Council, he excels at luring these young women to join his vampire cult through his rock star charisma and prowess on the electric guitar. But these eyewitness reports are difficult to substantiate or investigate fully because Kellindo is capable of blinding, seducing and confusing anyone—including investigators and bounty hunters—with his beautiful music.

Weapon of Choice: Moog Electric Guitar with wondastrings; operatic vibrato autocannon.

Hats and Superpowers: Founding Member, Wondaland Arts Society; Lord of the Voodoo Children, Wondaland Arts Society; Supreme Commander of the Silver Strings; Keeper of the Siren Songs; ArchOrchstra Superstar; Author, Electric Eden: The Magic Things That God, Girls and Guitars Have In Common

Hellwinter Notes: Kellindo’s wanton lustful behavior has reportedly been tied to the birth and development of at least four rebellious avant-garde 20th century music movements: be bop, rock n’ roll, punk rock, and new wave. Therefore, his latest activities with the musical organization known as Wondaland must be considered in this continuum—as a strategic opportunity to upset parents and governments worldwide, seduce women globally and create another teen countercultural movement that will alter how global citizens think, create, and love for decades to come.