Meet Murs…


If you haven't heard of him. He's an artist friend of mine. We met at the DNC a couple years back. Socially & politically aware. Hell of a rapper & poet as well .

Here is a moving piece by Mr. Murs that I wanted to share. "Animal Style".

Of course u are more than welcome to share your thoughts.

Warning: there are a couple graphic showings in here.



  1. wow thanks for sharing that!i always go by a simple rule i don’t care what your bedroom politics are! unless iam in your bedroom,we all do what we gotta do to make it thru this world! unscathed,i guess that old song ,nature boy says it best,
    : the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!

  2. MorningSunInMoscow

    What first grabbed me about the song over anything else was the story telling. Somewhere along the way over the past couple of decades, rappers stopped telling stories and just rapped (with the exception of a few, that is). So, kudos to the story tellers.

    I remember the one gay kid that was out in my high school wasn’t allowed to go to prom with his boyfriend. That was 11 years ago. It’s great to see times are changing. I just wish we could pick up with pace a bit.

    • MorningSunInMoscow

      Homosexuality seems to be such a taboo subject in hip hop. You don’t see nearly as many people in the hip hop industry standing up for gay rights as you do in other industries. So I appreciate this man for being one of the few with the balls to say what he really believes in.

  3. Agreed, Morning SunIM.
    Especially in regard to the storytelling. Remember the simplicity of rappers just telling a good story? I wasn’t familiar with Murs but see that he did collabs with the band, Whole Wheat Bread, that I really like. This subject reminds me of a conversation I had recently about religion and homosexuality. Intolerance just makes my head hurt.

  4. Wow.. I forget sometimes how difficult it is for some people. I agree with the comment above about how rapping use to be all about telling stories- I loved that a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. There’s a lot of hidden truth out there. If many of the people who want to be ‘accepted’ had more information on what happens behind may of the closed doors that judge, then they’d come out with their heads held high, live their lives to suit them and wait for the doodoo to hit the fan.

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