Closer to Metropolis.


Visiting Sydney, Australia for the first time was mind blowing. I made my debut 3 days ago... 14 hrs ahead of East Coast USA time, so I already felt like I time traveled again.

Not only did we do 2 sold out shows @ The Sydney Opera house (the most photographed place in Australia and a place that humbled me knowing how hard we have worked to achieve something like this) but my eyes were privy to Amazing architecture , that to date, is most close to what the buildings in Metropolis look like. Unfortunately I don't have many pics , but here are a few of the Sydney Opera House, Museum of Modern Art, and with one of my fav directors Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet, and in production The Great Gatsby!) .

While this is a blessing I must acknowledge the fallen ones on this Memorial Day. Wishing my grandmother were here to hug.

Live until.

Live loud, with several doses of peace.


P.S. we performed BaBopByeYa , u only live twice, and gold finger for the first time. Sick as hell! Arch Orchestra is the greatest live hbdsnnv. I said it. Look online, sure it's somewhere. :)










  1. I would love to go to Sydney Australia some day! The pics are great as I am sure your experience there was!!!

  2. That’s dope…”wishing my grandmother were here to hug” is what touched me…feeling the same way…stay blessed..

  3. Brilliant show Friday night! Baz was also at Prince concert last week. Baz doing a movie with Janelle and Prince…….now there is an idea!

  4. Thankyou so much for coming to Sydney!
    It was an honour and a dream come true to meet you. I look forward to the next Suite and to seeing you play another amazing concert next time.

    Lots of love.

  5. This looks amazing! I would have loved to have seen you and the orchestra at a venue like the Sydney Opera House. I bet the acoustics were amazing.

  6. Amazing show Ms Monae! I’m lucky enough to have seen quite a few wonderful bands in the Concert Hall. The acoustics are indeed incredible and there’s always an extra level of anticipation at any event in that space. Shout out to your MC for getting the entire venue standing in less than 5 seconds. Rarely does that happen in sedate Sydney. Loved how the strings were getting their photo taken afterwards. ‘Til next time…

  7. The kick-drum of Life produces on of the grooviest beats. Keep basking in the metronome of it’s existence.



  8. Breathtaking experience! Loved every minute of your performance – it was electrifying. Please come and visit us again soon!

  9. I was so truly devestated when you had to pull out of touring Australia due to the Grammys. Thank you for coming back. Now we have to figure out how to drag you down to Melbourne. Sydney might have pretty water and buildings, but Melbourne has something special…soul.

  10. You were incredible. My girlfriend and I drove 10 hours from Melbourne on Friday, saw you at both shows and drove the 10 hours back on Monday. On Sunday night, Baz was in the row in front of us, two seats over and it was fantastic seeing him grooving to Tightrope. I don’t know if you knew Gotye was at both of your shows too. Next time you’re here, we’ll be there again in black and white.

  11. I Love it!! I’ve always wanted to, and hopefully will visit the Sydney Opera House soon in the future!! : ) Happy that you guys went there!

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