I love Chaka Khan… That is all…

Photo of Chaka KHAN

She was born Yvette Marie Stevens in Chicago, Illinois.  The name Chaka Khan was christened to her during a naming ceremony at Affro Arts Theater by an Yoruba priest.

1971 she joins the band Ask Rufus, known later as Rufus.

“Sweet Thing”

“Tell me something good” written by Stevie Wonder


After gaining Gold & Platinum records with the band Rufus. She goes Han solo.

“I’m every woman” written by Ashford & Simpson, later performed by the late Whitney Houston for the BodyGuard soundtrack

Later going more pop she releases this…“I feel for you” Originally performed & written by Prince

“Through the Fire”

2007 she released the song Angel off of her latest album “Funk This”

Been in the game since 71′.

In 2011 Chaka Khan was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Accompanied by Stevie Wonder & her family.

Last summer we at the W.A.S. were blessed to see her live in Denmark when Janelle opened for Prince. She still has it.


Learn more about her, her journey & passion: www.chakakhan.com



  1. PleaseCallMeJaude'

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  2. PleaseCallMeJaude'

    Umm im sorry nevermind dont mind that other comment that was my brother he just 11 so he thought he was helping but yeah .

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