1. Adán Bean

    Love the melody and can recognize it from Mad Men a few eps back. I guess we can see where “Love the Way You Lie” gets its foundation.

  2. EssKayGA

    Ironically, given Adan’s comment, I first heard it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xCAcWZ8TRI&feature=plcp. Carole King and her husband wrote it, and Phil Spector arranged The Crystals’ version. O_0 Wikipedia says she and Gerry Goffin wrote it when they discovered that Little Eva had been beaten up by her boyfriend and said it was love when they asked her why she put up with his abuse. Apparently, there was also widespread protesting of the song. The melod is indeed lovely, but, damn, is this song disturbing.

  3. Avi

    I still love Amy, she was something and was totally “nuttey”. I understand what she means when saying she’s a black boy in a white girls’s body.
    About that sort of creepy love, dang, Im def. against it. Another song spells R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and you destroy it if you hit your partner, no one should ever treat others that way, no one owns you..

  4. Chuck Lightning

    so, this is classic. brilliant. and entirely fucked up. disturbing.

    and yet…beautiful…

    whether or not you think this is an accurate depiction of love depends on the relationships you’ve been in and your perspective on the world as Amy said (and yes her “black boy in a white girl’s body” comment is…hmmmmwow…still wrapping my mind around that).

    the roots of where the song came from speak to the fact that artists sometimes write best when they try to relate to the madness, the inconsistencies, the quandaries in the world around them…

    but this is a well written, great great great great song. Period.

    it feels true. and that’s the artist’s job. his only job.

    It’s the politician’s job, the scholar’s job, the preacher’s job to tell us whether that certain truth will get us to heaven…or hell…

    (and yes some artists are indeed also politician-preacher-scholars, but that is a choice an artist makes, not a requirement…a lot of great art has been made by insular, narcissistic, unstable, mfs who just don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves…I won’t name names, but if you’ve read bios you know what i mean… for starters read Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind…and you’ll see that most of those classic films from the ’70′s you love so much were made by some of the most despicable, tyrannical, maniacal Machiavellian mfs that ever walked the earth…does the fact that Francis Ford Coppola treated his dogs better than he treated his wife mean you suddenly hate Godfather Part II? if you say yes and you’ll never watch the Godfather again, you’re probably not ready for the world of art…because Coppola’s just one in a long, long list that certainly includes some of your heroes, people you love from Tolstoy to Miles (we all know that story, this very song could score a Miles and Cicely biopic..in fact Miles is the one I shake my head most about…but does that mean you’re done now listening to in a silent way/bitches brew/ steaming/ sorceror etc???…hmmm)

    but i digress….back to this song…damn…

    you know it’s great because it skips through genre without missing a beat and it brings out great, classic beautiful honest performances wherever it goes… the crystals sound drunk and lost in a Tarantino film, the score for a missing scene from the Kill Bill soundtrack…Grizzly Bear adds a whole nother homoerotic beauty/terror to the song, and that midsection with the Simon Garfunkle crooning with the punk dissonant guitars is the embodiment of the song title…beautiful, heavy and tragic at the same time…and Courtney sounds like a drunk feminist, remembering why she hates her boyfriend (and men)…and loves them at the same time…

    damn. love this.
    and hate it at the same damn time.

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