Boobies and Oreos!


I came across this South Korean ad from Agency Cheil Worldwide on HuffPost Food today.

A baby breastfeeding while simultaneously eating an Oreo, hmmm. Oreo sure is “Milk’s favorite cookie.” And not just cow’s milk,  all the milks of the world enjoy Oreos: almond milk in a glass, vanilla soy milk in a mug, breast milk…from a hot boob, etc.

The ad was created to be used by Kraft’s ad agency, Cheil Worldwide, at an advertising forum. It was not meant for public distribution or consumer use, bummer.

So, we know we won’t be seeing this or others like it on a billboard or magazine anytime soon. But, why not?

What makes people so uncomfortable with breastfeeding (in public)? It certainly seems to be a hot topic. Wiki even has an article dedicated to breastfeeding in public, which lists attitudes by 8 different countries including Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the UK, and the US.

Women in Saudi Arabia can openly breastfeed their infants though they may be fully veiled. In Taiwan, The Public Breastfeeding Act defends the right to breastfeed in public. In fact, if one decides to prevent or interfere a woman from breastfeeding, they will be fined 6000 to 30000 TWD (200-1,017 USD).  Ouch.

“A United States House of Representatives appropriations bill (HR 2490) with an amendment specifically permitting breastfeeding[19] was signed into law on September 29, 1999. It stipulated that no government funds may be used to enforce any prohibition on women breastfeeding their children in Federal buildings or on Federal property. Further, a U.S. Public Law[20] enacted in 1999, specifically provides that “a woman may breastfeed her child at any location in a federal building or on federal property, if the woman and her child are otherwise authorized to be present at the location.””

Read more here.

Alright, cool. So then, what’s the big deal?

And is this really necessary:

This ad doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I think it’s pretty funny and the baby’s adorable. I still like Oreos, I don’t think this is inappropriate for children and I don’t think they’d react negatively to it. But hey, I’m a woman. So does that make me biased?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Great article! I do not find this ad offensive. People just tend to forget what actual reality is. I blame the Kardashians.

  2. Agreed. Who doesn’t like boob(s)? This is hilarious b/c if the kid can eat oreos, they damn well better be off breast milk

  3. I remember seeing an ad on the streets of Paris contain a topless woman – no breastfeeding involved, just bearing all to sell a purse. I thought it was pretty interesting. I don’t think this breastfeeding feeding ad would go over well here, despite the law on the books. The self anointed “moral authorities” would make too much of a big deal out of it. I like this ad though. Just add the “Got Milk?” caption and we’d be in business.

  4. rebeKah

    “its not a breast if there’s no nipple.” that pixled picture reminded me of something an ex once said. but everyone has some “interesting” views about women’s bodies. even women.

    my 4 kids were all breast-fed (twins- simultaneously, may i add- WOOP!) they know that its natural and don’t blink an eye when they see the female body. well, they do now because they go to school and it’s all very funny and uncomfortable now, but i think America is waaaay too conservative for this ad. many of them will defend a child in the womb but when that child comes out ready to eat, all of a sudden womens’ bodies (once again) are vulgar and obscene. i’m secretly jealous of my European friends who have very natural feelings about this, but in the U.S. we tend to shame our bodies from birth.
    regardless, Boobies AND Oreos both rock!

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a baby drinking breast milk and eating an Oreo and each and everyone of you know it. This baby is clearly a phenom–a prodigy!

    Most women stop breast feeding once a small child had begun to teethe and this child (precocious lil snot nose who obviously has teeth…’else how would he chew the oreo?) has managed to balance drinking and eating at such a young age.

    This is beautiful. One of my biggest problems when eating cookies and milk is getting crumbs in my cup. Do you think there are any crumbs in this breast? No. Not a one.

    This is brilliant. This is great marketing. This is revolutionary. This is….

    …hold on….


  6. yum! cookies and milk! hmmm…brb…

    i think that we’d all be a little happier and more relaxed if we learn to adequately process our fear of/fascination with/unchecked reactions to the feminine. we can’t handle a baby with a boob, but we’re completely comfortable with the show Cops? fade to black.

  7. Adán Bean

    I imagine that the baby is not looking at us, but rather the Oreo…incredulously, thinking,

    “I know I picked you up to eat you…but really, do you think YOU can compete with THIS?!”

    We could stand to loosen up a bit.

    I like the ad.

  8. kryzdroid

    Well, I don’t care if women is breastfeeding her baby in public. It’s actually a nice view (especially when it’s such a nice boob), but I don’t thing it’s a great material for an ad. It’s still something intimate and using this for marketing (Oreo? Seriously?) is just inappropriate.

  9. breastfeeding in public, cool. popping titties out in public and just hanging loose, not so much :D

    though not used in practice, i think the ad would have just been another creative way to use breasts/sex to sell, honestly – as opposed to a sociopolitical statement.

  10. Women in Saudi Arabia can openly breastfeed in public? Interesting. You learn something new everyday.

    Clever ad! I like. I bet a man was behind the idea though. As a woman, it doesn’t bother me. The baby is adorable and it’s a smart way to get folks thinking about oreos, although I’m not sure it persuades folks to buy them. I didn’t. It actually made me think of the cover illustration on one of my favorite children’s book “Milk and Cookies” by Frank Asch! Lol Now I wanna go to the library and borrow it. :) Anyway, it’s not surprising that people would be offended though.The masses usually are when it comes to these things.

    On a side note, I wonder how long it took the baby to cooperate for that pose. As a photographer working with others than than myself lately, I’ve had some awkward moments trying to get “the best shots” from subjects. Hmmm…

  11. There is nothing wrong with the ad. It is very funny.
    I feel this would never fly in America, because America likes to dictate what a woman does with her body. Breastfeeding is natural, it’s beautiful.

  12. Avi

    Censorship makes us intolerant to these kind of stuff. What if I find this censored image in a magazine? Id be pissed because it kills the essence of it, the beauty of the photograph. Let the kids and boys know this is not wrong at all and that breasts have a vital function other than sex.

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