1. Isis Valentino

    Wow, that was amazing. Her explaining her stroke was incredible, I’ve never heard of anyone being able to explain it like that.

  2. EssKayGA

    Thanks for this video, Miss Janelle. I definitely feel myself having those right-brain experiences when I’m performing or speaking and giving and taking love to and from my audience. The questions are how to get there during “everyday” life and if we as humans are able to give up all of that left-brain isolation and compartmentalization voluntarily.

  3. i find this totally fascinating,we are scientifically amazing,yet for all our splendor sometimes we are socially inept.as i get older and wiser i find myself connecting with the creative and emotional side of my brain 1not that i wasn’t aware of this side before but i always tried to control it with the thinking side!there is nothing worse than being half artist and half critic lol but seriously,thanks for this knowledge ! And as the hour of midnight approached, a figure appeared high on a cliff overlooking the valley of the droids, the bonfire reflecting on her golden armor,and as she raised her hands ,the emotions that she discovered pulsed through every droid! and we were awakened never to be slaves again!!sincerely the wordsmith

  4. I viewed this video two weeks ago in my psychology lecture, and I became extremely fascinated. The human brain is such a complex element. I find myself to be more attached with the right hemisphere of my brain than my left. I can only wonder how the experience of not being able to identify boundaries and drifting off into Lala Land would be. I absolutely love how she doesn’t see her stroke as something negative, but sees it as a positive experience in which she was able to find Nirvana. This was truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. rebeKah

    traumatic as i’m sure it was, the right person was chosen to experience this. for one, she had the right vocabulary to articulate it to the masses, and the curiosity not to panic but to “stay in the moment”, all while documenting her OWN stroke- and live to describe it in detail! Scary and empowering, this just verifies (for me) that the energy that flows from us, and through us, often goes ignored and is not for nothing. focused energy in the right way is powerful and she now knows that first hand . the natural thing is to blow-off and refuse to pay attention to that part of our brain. i think God lets people experience these things to bear witness to His work; this proving how purposeful, complex, and well-design our bodies really are. thanks for sharing this. it’s life-changing to say the least.

  6. All I could articulate what I felt from this video came out in tears. I feel like the Divine choose her for a reason in this experience. I, some how, feel as though a weights been lifted. I don’t know what it is but, I feel as though everyone, everywhere is heading down a simular path. Either way, this woman is an amazing being and I’m so glad you connected us to her Jane! Thanks.

  7. Amblastic

    This was so amazing to watch, learn, and experience. It’s created a series of questions within myself. Thanks JM!

  8. ow! I knew this woman! crayzay! her words had got me BaNg! the first time me…ow, thank you, lot of informations there! :3

  9. Janea

    I check this blog regularly. I saw this post when it was originally put up, but I did not watch the video. Maybe I was too busy, or I had somewhere to go–whatever the reason, I did not watch it, until today. In my honors seminar class, the professor played this video and I was moved to tears. I knew I had recognized it from somewhere and I figured out it was from here. So thank you for this. It’s truly beautiful and I will pass it along. Apparently I needed to watch it because it showed up again. I want to find Nirvana too.

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